Welcome to the C.E.M.A
(Centre Européen de Modélisme Aérien)

Domaine du Planet

  Events 2016



- FXFC : 26 au 28 August

- FALL MEETING :  en October


Private events 2016
( Closure of the Domaine)

- 14 June

- 17th to 19th June

- 6th to 13th August

- 20th to 21st August

- 23rd to 25th September

- 14th to 16th October  

Are you interested in booking a private event?


Contact Eloïse at +33 7 55 35 33 69 or at resaduplanet@gmail.com



  Looking for Ambassadors

You already have an activity regarding RC flying? You are interesting in our products? You want to improve your incomes by becoming ambassador for the CEMA in your country?


The CEMA is looking for ambassadors all around the world! Be part of our team by selling our products in your country.

Please contact Julia per email: grandjean@domaine-du-planet.fr